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Public Speaking

Learn techniques to become a charismatic presenter. Whether you are delivering a message to a small group or a large seminar the session gives techniques to be in the right state, speak clearly and get your message across in an inspiring way. Whether you are already confident or not this course is for you.

Public speaking training topics covered include:

• Learn how to Introduce yourself with impact
• How to stand and eye contact
• Projecting your voice when required
• Stage positioning and what does it mean
• Confidently presenting
• Optimum starts for you and your audience (get them into a great state for your message)
• The power of gestures
• The power of anchoring
• Effectively using metaphors
• Tools to engage your audience and the best way to use them (PowerPoint etc.)
• Analogue marking your language to give your message more power and to portray the right message
• How to present without notes so you can fully engage with your audience and make your presentation look relaxed
• Practice of the presentation throughout

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