Licensed Practitioner of NLP – 7 days


Licensed Practitioner of NLP – 7 days

Become a fully licensed Practitioner of NLP, where you will learn:

  • What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming and how was it developed
  • How you encode information store it and retrieve it when needed
  • The biology of the brain and how NLP technologies change it
  • How to develop and use your sensory acuity to become more in tune with others
  • How to read and use body language successfully
  • Internal representation systems and how we use these to create our reality and communicate with the world.
  • How to develop compelling goals
  • How to be more personally effective
  • Time and the many uses of timeline
  • Anchors and different ways to use them
  • Language patterns in detail ( Milton model and Meta model)
  • The importance of language and how it affects thought and behaviour
  • How to present information in a more eloquent way
  • How to banish phobias for good
  • NLP models and techniques to successfully change yourself and others
  • Modelling excellence
  • How to extract and apply strategies of thinking and how this can be useful
  • Coaching and how to develop yourself and others

And lots more…

Other information:

Groups are limited to 16 which allows you to develop your skills with your fellow delegates and ensures one to one support when required.

Lunch and refreshments are provided each day. Please let us know at the time of booking any dietary requirements. There is a wide range of choice available.

All course material is included within the investment price.

Membership to the Society of NLP is included.

License and registration is included which lasts for 2 years. Renewal after 2 years currently is free providing your knowledge and skill level is maintained.

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Price: £1495  

Date: Contact us for summer programme dates

Duration: 7 days

  • Day 1: 10:30 until 18:00
  • Day 2: 8:30 until 17:00
  • Day 3: 8:30 until 17:00                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Day 4: 8:30 until 17:00 
  • Day 5: 9:30 until 17:00
  • Day 6: 8:30 until 17:00
  • Day 7: 8:30 util 16:00


Beamish Hall Country House Hotel,
County Durham.
DH9 0YB.