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High Performing Leaders Programme

This programme is designed for leaders within business looking at the key aspects to being successful. The course covers:

How to be more influential using communication of all types including spoken, written and body language.

How to coach your team to maximise performance and support them during difficult situations.

Performance management ensuring the process is as easy as possible and maximises colleague engagement and performance.

How to manage projects within your organisation, looking at what the theory doesn’t teach. How to engage stakeholders and manage time and tasks effectively and have tuff conversations when necessary.

Leadership and how to apply it directly to your role.

Motivation (yours, your team and your clients).

Charismatic presenting skills to engage your audience whether its 1 person or 1000.

Plus much more…..

The programmes are bespoke and will be designed t o support any improvements you need within your business. The main focus is for delegates to implement learning on their return.

The course duration is usually 5-10 days and is flexible for each organisation.

Call now to discuss your individual requirements.