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Do you want to be a successful coach and help others to get more of what they want in life and increase their success?

Do you want to have a team of coaches within your business to call upon at any time to improve the performance of your teams and enhance individuals?

Coach the coach courses enable the delegate to become highly effective coaches.  Be able to ask questions in the right way to help others to open their minds to possibility and discover the passion, drive and answers inside.

The courses are a minimum of 3 days and are available for any level of colleagues within your organisation to attend. Coach the coach sessions can be booked at your place of work or at an offsite location as requested.

We also offer open courses for any individual that wants to develop themselves as a coach. Whether coaching is a dream you’ve always wished you could do and are doing it for personal or business reasons the course is the right one for you.

You will cover:

  • Language skills, both verbal and non-verbal.
  • How to ask effective questions and understand fully the message others are giving during discussion.
  • Motivation techniques to tap into the motivation within every client to help them get the best results.
  • Discover a way to challenge and support each client to help them get the best from each and every session.

Plus much more…


All coaching sessions can be booked from a one off session to a full programme.  Each sessions can be face to face, over the telephone or internet or a mixture of all.  The sessions are booked at your convenience and whether it be work time, evenings and weekends our coaches are there to help you get to your personal best.