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Glynis Jefferies of Thinking Success UK

My name is Glynis Osborne and I am the Senior Development Consultant and founder of Thinking Success UK.

I have enjoyed many years experience within the business world and worked for a large blue chip company for more than 17 years. The most important things for me within business is to give your customers great service by having exceptional leaders, being a great employer and continually striving to be better.

My background is within Psychology and lecturing as I have always been interested in how your mind works especially how we learn and develop as humans.  I have studied NLP (Neuro-lingustic Programming) for over 10 years and am a Licensed Trainer and Performance coach.  I studied NLP with one of the greatest minds, Dr Richard Bandler who is the co-creator of NLP.  Since co- creating NLP he has went on to develop the technologies further, and includes his advancements within his teaching.  I have also studied with John La Valle who helped bring NLP to the corporate world. I now assist on the programmes Dr Bandler and John Lavalle deliver in London, which is a great privilege.

Along with Dr Bandler and John La Valle I have also learned a great deal from Paul McKenna and Michael Neill.  They are both experts within their field and I thank them for the knowledge they have given me. I also now regularly assist on the programmes which Paul McKenna delivers here in the UK often alongside Dr Bandler.

Neuro-Lingustic Programming or NLP as it’s often referred to, is a thread which runs through everything we do.  The study of successful thinking applies to all types of development. When you think differently you act differently and in turn get different results.  NLP is successfully used in many fields such as: Education, Sales, the NHS, The Armed Forces, Politics, Sport, The Film and Movie industry, Successful Business such as Virgin, Honda and Barclays bank also use it.  This is to name a few.  It has also helped millions of people throughout the world to become more successful, focus, increase confidence and banish phobias.

The services we offer will help you to become more successful, Get better results, have more focus, get motivated, and become happier and more fulfilled. Have a look at the different options available on my website.  If there is something you like and want to discuss it more, give me a call personally or send an email to the address shown below.  If there is something you think we’ve missed let us know. It might be planned and just around the corner.

I look forward to speaking with you soon

Glynis Osborne

Director and founder of Thinking Success UK

Mobile:07545 895 216

Office:0845 873 1404



The Old Brewery, Castle Eden, County Durham TS27 4SU